Do any of these situations seem familiar?

People can find themselves in a variety of situations. These are some situations that my clients find themselves in. Do any of these resonate with you?

-You’re out with your child, and whether they’re young enough to want to be picked up, or they’re older and want you to play ball with them, either way you end up tweaking your back.

-You’re swimming like you do every morning. But your shoulder is hurting again, so you have to slow down. You move yourself to the slow lane. You don’t want to be in the slow lane.

-The doctor says that your problem is just the result of aging. What do you expect at your age, says he? And you’re not even old. You refuse to believe there’s nothing you can do.

-You’re with your development team at work. The shooting pain down your arm is interfering with your ability to concentrate and contribute. You feel like you’re holding everyone back and possibly your career.

Maybe it’s not physical pain that’s preventing you from fully participating in your life but it’s a creative block.

-As a creative artist you want to move to the next level. You feel that something’s missing, that creative edge, that freedom to explore more depth and grow as an artist.

If one or more of these situations resonate with you see if you fit with any of the clients that I work with.

This method works well for people who are:

• diagnosed with repetitive strain injury
• recovering from an injury
• recovering from surgery
• have chronic or intermittent pain
• athletes who want to improve and gain their competitive edge
• artists who want to push beyond their creative edge.
• having balance problems

This method is very effective for people who have the following values:

• You love to learn
• Love to be physically active
• Love to laugh
• You’re open to new experiences
• You value being the best you can be
• You value efficiency
• You’re patient with yourself

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