Do You Have Goals?

I can’t believe Labor Day is only a few days away!

What do you do this time of year?  Do you have goals?

After we take care of all the things we need to do at end of summer, be it fun stuff like BBQs and travel or getting kids back to school or us back to work, I’d say it’s time to plan how you’d like to feel this autumn.

Does that include your body (you know, the thing that’s attached to your brain)?

Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s the beginning of a new season and a time to start afresh. So in that frame of mind I decided to create a Fall resolution.  Do you have one? Mine is to have a more comfortable body. That includes doing more Feldenkrais in addition to what I bring my students.  Secondly is to meditate every day (actually it might be less but at least I’ve “put it out there”).

Is a more comfortable body one of your goals?

That’s what I want anyway…   What about you?    To have comfort in our body we need to have a routine.  Perhaps you have a routine.   What does it include?  Exercise is very important, so we must get our butt away from the computer and heads out of our smart phone!!  My routine includes Feldenkrais (no surprise) plus swimming and hiking.

Including Feldenkrais in your weekly or daily repertoire keeps you more comfortable longer.

In my programs you start with a goal and we track your progress over the course of ten weeks. The classes are designed for a small intimate group. There’s a wonderful sense of support and fun as everyone progresses towards more comfort. (Fall programs start the week of September 19th.)

Feeling good physically gives us a sense of freedom and energy.

The Fall program is designed to give you the tools you need to use small portions of the exercises at home during the week.  This reminds your body to move in a comfortable way. Plus the new optional feature is a live recording of the class to assist you in your practice.

Think about how you’d like to feel this Autumn and if it includes a more comfortable body check out the program schedule and sign up.  It would be an honor to support you.


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