How is Feldenkrais Like Yoda?

No Not Yoga, Yoda.

I had to put this out to you today because when I saw this snippet of video it made me smile “We must unlearn what we’ve learned” .

What we do in private treatments and in class is work on habits, inefficient habits (you could call them bad if you want). In the hour we spend together we do the process of unlearning bad habits in a way that’s  fun and comfortable, without smacking ourselves and saying “bad me”.

It’s all good when it feels good and when it feels good it’s efficient and smooth and a huge relief  (big exhalation of air).  You and your body don’t want to do it the old way anymore.  The “bad me” voice, yes it looms up, drifts away in the process and voila! you feel bettter. Not without a lot of focused attention and a kind attitude, yes it is a process.

All of us develop movement habits based on our life and environment.  So some of them (not all) may be interfering with you moving and feeling comfortable.

Just remember what Yoda said:

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