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You’re ready to step on the path towards feeling better.  Please check out my products and services below to see what’s right for you.

There are three possibilities to help you in your healing: 1) large group class, 2) semi-private class, 3) hands-on treatment sessions.

  • Hands-on:
    Finally you can heal without someone making it more painful

    (Private treatment sessions)

You ask yourself, why do I have pain, why did I injure myself? How to get rid of it and how to have it not happen again?Feld FI Hands (1 of 1)

Using gentle touch I work with you to uncover your inefficient movement patterns. In this neurologically transformational work you take on good body mechanics, begin to move more freely again and stop the downward spiral.

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  • The Brain Body Connection:
    Reduced pain, improved posture, balance and flexibility.

    (Semi-private customized sessions)Feld ATM (2 of 2)

You are ready to commit to a path towards feeling pain-free. This is a custom 10 week program using scientifically proven movement sequences in a tranquil and peaceful setting. We delve deeply into the movements with focused attention and body awareness. (limited to 4 students)

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  • Moving out of Aches and Pain:
    Gentle movement sequences that deliver big results.

(Group class.)Feld ATM (1 of 2)
This class is for you if you have aches and pains causing you discomfort but not severe pain.  You want to move freely again without the fear of injury and pain.  This special approach uses focused attention and specific movement sequences so you learn to move more comfortably again. I am your guide and support.

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