Free Exercise for Neck and Shoulder Comfort

Why am I giving this particular exercise away for free?

There are a few reasons.  One is that I love helping people feel more comfortable. And I know a lot of you can go on throughout your day and become achy in the neck and back and shoulders.

Another is that by really experiencing an exercise you can start to understand how this method can work for you.  This exercise is based on the movement of turning, something you do everyday. If you drive a car, you turn to back up, if you are talking to someone next to you, you turn to see them.  You’ll start to feel how all the parts of your body work together and experience more freedom in your neck and shoulders.

All you need is ten minutes and a chair.

So just fill in the form below and the exercise will be on its way to you, plus you’ll get additional tips from me once a month.

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