Silly Walks and You

I have a picture in my studio of John Cleese doing his Silly Walk.  Do you have a Silly Walk?  Can’t say that I have.

Then I saw this video (below) of the Ministry of Silly Walks. It’s an old Monty Python routine where they inhabit a world where people have a silly walk.  What genius! I was captivated by their amazing physical ability.  And secondly I couldn’t stop laughing.  Maybe I should teach a silly walk workshop I thought.  Hmmm better start with myself.  I’ll let you know.


So in this video apart from laughing I was struck by how amazing their bodies moved.  So  well coordinated.

How can we do even one iota of what they’re doing?

First off we need the ability to Balance on one leg.  That means not only shifting our pelvis over one leg but also shifting our head neck and shoulders. Very complex actually.

Intelligent Body

But guess what?  Our bodies are very intelligent and naturally know how to do this.  Most of us though have gotten stuck as we “grew up” and developed bad movement habits from work and the stress of daily life.  We’re no longer doing the kind of moves we did as a kid nor can we.  When was the last time you skipped down the sidewalk?

Movement is Fun When It’s Comfortable

And that’s where our work together comes into play. And I do mean play because it’s fun. The hands-on treatment and the classes help your body reawaken its natural ability to move. The comfortable movements we’ve forgotten become alive again. Moving like you’re 20 years old is really great.

It’s so much fun watching my students start to move more fluidly and comfortably.  And they enjoy it too.  How could you not?  We don’t do Silly Walks yet but we’re working on it.  One leg at a time!

Enjoy the video!  And if you have a silly walk I want to hear about it.

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