To Stress or Not To Stress?

This time of year I find exciting, I love the cool weather, the angle of the sun and even the early dark nights. I love the colorful lights on the houses. And I appreciate the lack of snow and ice…


I walked into Costco the other day. What’s going on? Is everything being given away for free? It was frantic. I had to remind myself that no I didn’t need everything and it wasn’t free… I didn’t want to join the frantic fray.

How do you still enjoy what you enjoy about this season and not get stressed and caught up in the franticness?

Your body is connected to your mind… We get stressed and it goes into our body. And it doesn’t feel good. How do you keep you and your body sane?

Here’s a little tip.

Say you’re out and about and find yourself stressed over a situation. You can’t change the outer environment (the traffic, the lines, your Aunt Myrtle…). But you can change your inner environment. I find four things can help and they take a couple of seconds.

  1. Stop for a moment. Notice the feeling in your body. Stressed, rushed, frantic…
  2. Feel your feet on the floor or your butt on the seat.
  3. Think and feel your bones supporting you.
  4. Take a breath

The big first step is noticing how you feel. If you don’t acknowledge how you feel you will continue moving about in a tense, teeth clenching way. And your body absorbs the unpleasant results.

When you can be aware of how you feel you can change how you feel.

Try it out. And let me know how it goes.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy and stress free Holiday.

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