Living in a Toxic World

Lately I’ve become more aware of all the toxins that we deal with on a daily basis.  From the occasional or regular outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution from fire retardants in our fabrics and furniture, EMF overload and God knows what else.  Not to mention that idiot I dealt with on the phone… How this affects our body has been studied but not studied significantly to be headline news or AMA approved, etc.

You may be thinking “oh what a downer of a newsletter, Deborah”  but I’m not writing this to bring you down.  The realities of our life are there and we just have to keep on keepn’ on. But sometimes you wonder how?

How Does Your Body Feel?

Back to the body.  How does your body feel in the moment?  Since my work is focused on movement and awareness that’s my point today.  Whatever you’re dealing with in your environment needn’t knock you out.  One way react to stuff that I’m sensitive to environmentally be it allergy or an idiot is to tense up.  My body starts to ache and hurt, be it my back or my neck and shoulders.  Do you feel how you react?

How do you react and what can you do about it?

Ok, we’re out an about and we can’t just lie on the floor (like we do in a session together) in the middle of Costco or wherever…   But we can stop and feel our feet against the floor or our butt on the seat and notice our breathing.  Sometimes even just that little bit will give me the clarity of mind to know what to do to take care of myself.

This doesn’t come naturally to any of us.  Our first response is to come from our person aka ego.  “This guy is such an idiot, know it all…”  and react from that.  But if you stop for a moment and feel your body and your feet on the floor, your bones supporting you, that knee-jerk reaction doesn’t happen, you don’t get yourself into trouble or into a fight that only makes you more upset.  When we come from a space of awareness amazing things can unfold.


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