This approach has success because of these three key principles:

Efficiency of Movement and Body mechanics

1.  Our body is perfectly designed, to move efficiently and without pain.  However, due to stress in our lives we develop unconscious habits of moving that cause us pain.  Together we work to help you experience movement patterns that feel good, you begin to move more comfortably again, in line with your body’s natural ability to move with grace and ease.

 Awareness and Focus of Attention

2.  By tuning into how you move in a focused and conscious way you begin to change how you move.  This leaves your body the freedom to regain the elegant pain free movement it was design to do.

Slowing down, paying attention and moving in a comfortable way you begin to feel safe and relaxed. When the body relaxes new information can enter your nervous system that allows for movement patterns to change. We help you develop a focus of attention and the ability to notice what you are doing.


3.  Research on the brain (neuroplasticity) has shown that we can learn and improve at any age and any stage in our lives.   All the work we do is retraining the brain allowing your body to move smarter and better. We create  a space that is safe and calm which creates the optimal environment to learn.

If this makes sense to you and it sounds like fun, start out with my free audio exercise for more comfortable neck and shoulders. In just 20 minutes you’ll notice a big difference.